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Break Free from Trauma and Transform Your Life

Join the 'Break The Cycle' Masterclass - It's Free!

Under the guidance of Marika Wessels, who has walked this path of healing and self-discovery, this masterclass is your gateway to:

  • Uncover the courage to confront and heal from your past.
  • Overcome limiting beliefs and fears, unlocking your true potential.
  • Master the art of setting healthy boundaries and nurturing fulfilling relationships.

Join Us For This Exclusive Masterclass on June 27th at 6 am AWST | June 26th at 6 pm EST


It's time to reclaim your power, wear your crown with pride, and inspire a generation to speak up and stand strong.

What You’ll Learn in
the Break The Cycle Masterclass:

Secret #1

Cultivate Courage to Confront Your Fears

Learn practical techniques to build resilience and face your deepest fears head-on.

Secret #2

Overcome Limiting Beliefs and Reclaim Your Power

Discover how to dismantle negative labels and limiting beliefs to reclaim your sense of safety and autonomy.

Secret #3

Transformative Tools for Lasting Change

Gain access to powerful tools and strategies like EFT tapping and breathing exercises to achieve profound self-realization.

Marika, will help you:

Confront and Release Limiting Beliefs: We’ll identify and dismantle these toxic beliefs, replacing them with powerful affirmations that affirm your true worth.

Learn Breathwork Techniques: Learn practical techniques to regulate your body's response to stress, helping to calm your nervous system when you feel triggered.

Create a Safe Space for Healing: Understand the critical role of safety and security as the foundation for effective healing. We’ll explore how to create and maintain environments that support your healing journey.

Build Healthy, Empowering Relationships: Develop new practices that foster personal growth and healthier interactions with those you love.

This transformative masterclass is tailored specifically for women and moms who are ready to confront and cast aside the shadows of generational pain. 

If the cycles of abuse and self-doubt threaten to continue into the next generation, and you're determined to create a shift, this empowering journey is designed for you.

What Others Say

What Others Say

Meet Your Host

Marika is not just a core survivor to thriver coach; she's a healer and friend to women on their journey to healing and self-discovery. In her cozy, safe space, she helps Warrior Queens tackle tough times with mindfulness, journaling, and EFT tapping. Her big thing? The CORE philosophy - it's all about courage, overcoming, responsibility, and enjoying life. Marika's warmth and wisdom turn tough internal battles into triumphs of self-love and strength. Join her, and you'll find yourself moving from self-doubt to "I am more than enough." Get ready to embrace your power with Marika!

Exclusive Free Masterclass to Reclaim Your Crown:

Your Path to Empowerment Starts Here

*Space is limited – we're curating an intimate and empowering environment for every participant. Don't miss this chance to be part of something transformative.

Don’t let the past dictate your future any longer. Step forward into a space where healing is nurtured, and change is celebrated.

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